airtel SMS Gyan


what is airtel SMS Gyan?

airtel SMS Gyan is a SMS based information & general knowledge search service powered by Wikipedia, and other internet sources for knowledge verticals like dictionary, acronyms, weather, lyrics and more!

1.How to Get live score?
   Type Live Cricket Score and send it to 55444

2.How to Get IPL fixtures?
   Type IPL FIXTURE and send it to 55444

3.How to Get points table of IPL?
   Type IPL TABLE and sent it to 55444

4.How to Get song lyrics?
   Type Lyrics of songname (ex: Hosanna) and send it to 55444

5.How to Get movie information?
   Type Movie Review of moviename (ex: pizza) and send it    to 55444

6.How to Get price information?
      Type Price of things name (ex: samsungs2) and send it to 55444

7.How to Get Train information?
   Type Train from station name(ex:Chennai) "to" station name(ex:Delhi) and send it to 55444

8.How to Get Tv schedules information?
   Type TV schedule of channel name (ex: Set Max)  and send it to 55444

9.How to Get weather report information?
   Type Weather city name and send it to 55444

10.How to know about any popular person?
   Type  Person person name and send it to 55444 

11.Many more..........Any word as You LIKE

Note: It is a free service and we can get all information from this service using simple keywords......Enjoy

     NOTE: please keep Your Mobile Balance Below 30p


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